Suits, sport coats, and shirts made exclusively for you by The Foursome

For custom suits, sport coats or pants:

1. Make an appointment with owner, Michael Engel.

2. Visit the store for a few simple measurements.

3. Select your fit and fabrics, and finishing touches like buttons and liners.

4. Your garment will be delivered in 4-6 weeks.

Starting at $150

A new way to shop for the perfect custom shirt.

1. Visit our store for three simple measurements.

2. Try on shirts from over 150 sizes to find your perfect fit.

3. Choose your fabrics and preferred style, including small details like button and stitching color.

4. Created and delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Visit our store to choose from hundreds of available swatches or contact with specific requests.

Why go custom with The Foursome?

- Style -

Endless choices of the finest elegant fabrics offer style options beyond what you will find off the rack. Create a picture of perfection in your mind and you can have that garment. The result is a totally unique garment that will be different than anyone else in the room.

- Fit -

When a garment is created to your exact measurements, it's more flattering and comfortable to wear. Especially if you are hard to fit or have an athletic build, the benefits of a custom fit will be even more recognizable.

- Personalization -

Crafting your own suit or sportcoat is a customized experience, just like designing a house. You have complete control over every detail, right down to the buttons. Don't worry if you're not a fashion expert; our skilled professionals are here to guide you.

- Impression -

How you feel when you get dressed for an important presentation matters. But the impression you make to others is even more important. Owning and wearing a custom-made garment gives that impression you desire - style, flattering fit, and the chance to show off your individual personality.