Venture there and here.

Life is easier when you can confidently venture wherever the day takes you, whether that’s hiking the Superior trail or getting your kids on the bus. Boundary Clothing offers adaptable clothing for the adventures of work, play, and every day. Like our binoculars with one side looking out and the other looking back to where you are, these clothes are the answer for both.

A few of our favorite brands:

Why Boundary?

A name loosely inspired by the Boundary Waters, a region of pristine waterways and protected wilderness, straddling the MN-Canadian border, we love the idea of “exploring your boundaries” and the promise of new horizons. The desire to drive to the end of every road – or hike every trail – and then go further.

Geographical boundaries are often formed with the most beautiful and noticeable natural elements - mountain ranges, rivers, oceans, and canyons. In addition to their beauty, these elements are inspiring to adventure seekers. Humans have a desire to explore what seems the most far reaching places. Boundaries can be a destination, not just a line to cross.

From an active point of view, we seek to achieve more than our physical bodies can currently do. It’s freeing to believe we can go beyond the limitations we each have on a personal level. The promise: There are no boundaries on the goals we can each set and achieve.

Why Outdoor Activewear?

As a family run business for over 80 years, we are inspired by change. 2020 has provided plenty of opportunity to reflect and persist, adapt and grow. 

Like many others, our family has found a renewed love for being active and outdoors. Whether it be a remote boat-in campsite on Rainy Lake, a cozy cabin in Nisswa, ocean fishing in the Keys, jogging on the Luce Line, or hiking the trails in Theodore Wirth - we all have our extraordinary places. 

Being in the apparel business, we love the clothes that make it comfortable and possible to seek adventure no matter the circumstances. And being comfortable doesn’t stop there. These adaptable clothes also happen to be perfect for working from home and chasing kids around. Since many of these outdoor brands have excellent women’s collections, we thought it was about time to bring clothing for women back to our store!

Thus was the inspiration for Boundary Clothing, an outdoor activewear shop for men and women. With a few shifts and renovations, a brand new shop has come to life at The Foursome in Plymouth.