Todd Rempfer

Todd Rempfer

Clothing & Shoe Consultant

2014-09-01 years at the Foursome

8 years prior experience

Call 763-473-4667

Todd brings a great sense of footwear fashion and lots of personality to The Foursome team. James Dean is his fashion idol and Byron, 34 Heritage, and Allen Edmonds are on his short list of favorite brands. His best advice is to always wear chestnut or brown shoes with navy or grey suits because it makes the color in the fabric pop. At the moment, his brown suede loafers are his own favorite thing to wear.

Todd’s hobbies include cycling, music (listening and playing), fishing, skiing and being outdoors. His list of favorite movies includes Hidalgo, The Jerk, World’s Fastest Motorcycle, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars.