To your door FAQ:

What comes in my box?

As your local clothing consultant, we will hand-pick items we think you will love! You can be as involved as you desire in telling us what you need – or just trust us to pick the season’s best. We pride ourselves in knowing you - and the fits and types of brands you prefer.

Will I see a picture of the clothing before I buy it?

You can choose to have us send pictures and details of your items before they go out. You can give the quick thumbs up or request any adjustments. We are happy to keep it super simple and surprise you as well! Either way, we are here to consult or answer any questions along the way.

Who is picking the clothes for me?

One of The Foursome’s expert clothing consultants at our Plymouth location will help select your clothes. If you are a current customer and have someone you like to work with, let us know! You can continue to work with your same consultant who knows you and your preferences the best.

How often will clothes be delivered?

Boxes can be delivered whenever you want. We will reach out quarterly with a reminder, however you can always opt out or request a box at a different time. To begin, fill out this simple form and we'll take it from there.

How much will this cost?

You determine the spending level you’re comfortable with for each delivery. You can adjust this at any time. Shipping and return shipping is free of charge for orders over $75.

How do I pay?

Once your box of clothing has been selected and approved, you will be sent a secure checkout link via the email you provide or you can give us credit card information over the phone. Your items will ship out when payment is received.

Will my legacy discount apply?

Yes. If you are a legacy member at The Foursome (or would like to join), your everyday discount will apply.