Michael Engel

Michael Engel

Owner / Buyer

2011-06-01 years at the Foursome

Michael is a one of the third generation of owners at The Foursome. Growing up at The Foursome, Michael’s first job was cleaning the dust bunnies that would accumulate in the back room. After graduating from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul in 2011 with a degree in accounting, Michael joined the family business and management team. While he no longer is in charge of the dust bunnies, you can find Michael wearing many hats at the store, as he loves to be involved in every aspect of The Foursome. Michael is a walking Foursome model when he leaves his house every morning, wearing his favorite Byron sportcoats to work and golfing in Greyson at his home in Northern MN. When not at the store, you can find Michael at the lake, riding his bike, serving at his church and spending time with his wife Kelsey, two daughters, and golden retrievers.

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