From the Owners: Shop local. Feel good.

Dear Friends,

Collectively as people, we navigate uncharted waters in these unknown times. We did not choose the trials of today and we are faced with many new decisions. As we awake to the sun’s continual rising, we have gratitude for the gift of life and another chance to explore the possibilities of a new day.

As family business owners for more than 65 years, we continue to persevere through challenges outside of our control. Our passion for knowing and serving our customers only increases. Our commitment to offer quality goods and a superior customer experience remains. We believe that in a time of social distancing, we can safely and efficiently offer you something the impersonal online world can’t. Something better.

This holiday season, our retail business is poised to serve you in creative and personal ways. Will you join the movement to support your local stores? Consider it a partnership.

When you choose to shop local at The Foursome and Boundary Clothing, you get quality gifts and goods with expert suggestions, tasty coffee and kombucha on tap, and a friendly in-store environment. You get unique services like personal shopping and wrapped packages at your door, free shipping, and more. In addition, you can walk away with the benefit of supporting a local family-owned business who gives back to our community. It’s a happy choice. We look forward to joining you in making this a memorable holiday season for you and those you love.  

In this with you,

Engel Family Owners