Covid-19 Safety

Easy, Safe Local Shopping

Our stores are open and offer safe, local shopping! Please follow social distancing guidelines while shopping, as we work together to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. As of July 25, 2020, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face covering in all public indoor spaces and businesses like The Foursome and Boundary Clothing.

Curbside Pick-up & Delivery

For your convenience, we are happy to offer a variety of shopping options. Here are more ways to get your favorite Foursome and Boundary Clothing fashions:

Order Items
1. Shop our huge selection online
2. Call the store at 763.473.4667 to speak with a clothing consultant
3. Let us personally shop FOR U. Get started

Choose Delivery Option
1. Free USPS Priority shipping on orders over $75
2. Curbside Pick-up. Drive by to get your items during store hours
3. Same Day Delivery. We will bring items to your doorstep. Orders over $150 placed by 2PM within 10 miles. Available weekdays only.

Choose your delivery method during online checkout or when placing your order through someone at the store. Call 763.473.4667 when you have arrived curbside to pick up your items. For same day delivery, please note in the online comments or tell us any instructions as to where to leave your items.

The Foursome COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Social distancing measures with customers

  • Everyone should maintain 6 foot distance from customers and each other.
  • As of July 25, 2020, per the Governor's Executive Order 20-81, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face covering in all public indoor spaces and businesses like The Foursome.
  • For curbside pick-up, customers should remain in their car and packages placed in the backseat or opposite side.
  • For home delivery, packages will be placed on the front step or outside the home as instructed. Our staff will keep 6 foot social distance from others.
  • Within our store, and especially in the area around the checkout counter and store entrance, racks and fixtures will be moved to allow even more space for comfortable social distancing for customers.
  • Signage will be posted reminding customers of the mask requirement and to maintain 6 foot distance from others.

Infection prevention and cleaning measures

  • Surfaces, handles and public spaces will be disinfected and cleaned each morning and every several hours throughout the day, depending on store traffic
  • Employees are instructed to wash hands regularly (at the beginning of each shift, in between customer interactions, etc) and refrain from touching their face as much as possible
  • At POS, customers will handle their own credit cards in the readers, which will be disinfected between each use. No pens are used by customers at the cash wrap. Online payments will be used for curbside pick-ups and deliveries.

Social distancing among employees

  • Employees are required to social distance among each other.
  • Customers are not allowed in designated employee only areas.
  • Shared podiums or work spaces should be cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Identification of sick persons

  • The Foursome’s sick policy has always been that we ask sick persons to stay home until their symptoms are gone. Employees should call in if they have been exposed to someone with COVID or show any symptoms of being sick and if these symptoms are COVID related, they should isolate and get tested before returning to work, according to the CDC guidelines.

The safety and well being of our customers and staff is our highest priority! Thank you for working together with us and supporting local businesses like The Foursome.