Allen Edmonds

Where is it made?
Allen Edmonds is made in the USA. The Allen Edmonds shoe plant is located in Port Washington, Wisconsin. This is just a small gander through the woods to our neighboring state!

How does Allen Edmonds fit?
"It's all about the cork." A cork layer between the insole and the outsole allows each foot to form its own uniquely shaped footbed for real custom comfort. The foot actually forms an imprint which cradles the feet.

What is the fabric care?
Allen Edmonds offers a wide variety of shoe care products from shoe cream to leather lotion to waterproofer. Standard shoe care should be used.

Raw Materials Used
Years ago Elbert W. Allen established a standard that we still use today. Allen Edmonds search the globe for the finest leather and cork materials to use to create our footwear.

General Style
From classic to contemporary, Allen Edmonds shoes reflect an American Classic design philosophy that contributes to timless elegance and enduring style. Attention to detail and sleek silhouettes provide sophisticated appeal to their most recently introduced styles. Versatile stying that extends across the style spectrum for all occasions.

Approach to Business
"At Allen Edmonds, we are committed to quality, service and integrity. These three words make up our motto and provide the roadmap to guide all of our decisions. As manufacturers of premium men's footwear, accessories and cedar products, our number one priority is to deliever exceptional value to our customers every day. After all, we know our customers are the reason we exit."

Company History
Established in 1922, Allen Edmonds is a company rich in heritage.

Interesting Facts
Keeping production in the USA shows a lot about the character of the company. Allen Edmonds employs over 280 employees at their Wisconsin shoe factory and they are expanding. Allen Edmonds shoes are made so well they can actually restore them to a near-new condition with their exclusive re-crafting system. Think of it as reinvesting in a prized possession.

Merchandise Sold at The Foursome
At The Foursome, we carry Allen Edmonds men's shoes sizes 6 to 16 and widths available from a 3A to a 3E. We also carry Allen Edmonds belts and leather care products.

Watch this amazing tour of Allen Edmonds Factory